The wooden orthodox churches in Lower Beskids

Finally I was able to recover my backup (at least the part of it) and make the photos available for public. Beginning from Wysowa, through Gladyszow and to Kwiaton and Skwirtne. The most beautiful wooden tzerkvas (orthodox churches) are located here. A few of them are also listed on UNESCO. So... Enjoy the photos from outside and inside as well...

Around New Sacz (Nowy Sacz) - a guide page 10+

What is worth to see in Nowy Sacz? Where to go for skiing, walking or -easy - for ice cream? What kind of regional food is worth to taste, and where are the most beautiful places to visit? Read the legend from Nowy Sacz, visit the open-air museum and Klaryskis' abbey in Stary Sacz and take your time along the Malopolski Fruit Trail.

City Tours:

Prague - UNESCO listed city centre [Czech Republic] - by Wonder

Vienna - UNESCO listed city centre [Austria] - by Forel & Ziellona

Stockholm [Sweden] - photos by Wojan, Thomas and Ziellona

Roma UNESCO listed city centre [Italy] - by Wonder and Ziellona

Paris [France] - by Ziellona

London [England] - by Ziellona
The whole world in one place. And it is not a story about British Museum only (which has more treasures of Egypt than Egypt by itself). In every street, on every corner you can see the diversity of the world. Asians, Afghans, people from Ghana, Afghanistan, Somalia... Poles, Russians, Hungarian... Greeks, Turks, Arabs... Jews, French, Spaniards... Mexicans and islanders. Everyone has his/her culture and tradition. The City is - as Peter Acroyd has written once - alive, various and interesting. And therefore London is like a whole world.


Kent County - the photos

The first SPA town in Royal Tunbridge Wells, the green parks of Sevenoaks, Canterburry cathedral listed on UNESCO and the tiny churches in wetlands.

North Yorkshire

I'm not surprised that the best criminal stories were written here (however "The Hound of the Baskervilles" was written in nearby Devon). I was not surprised when I saw the spade propped against the wall. The first uncontrolled thougt was..."I am wondering whre they have burried the death body..." Oh yeah - in this kind of terrain it is very easy to think about murders.


- Reszel - a guide page 10+

The guide pages 10+:

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Guides 10+ is an authorial project by Kasia Turska "Ziellona", which is provided under MUWIT flag.
The idea is to describe all possible, worth to visit and known by author, places in surroundings (up to 10 km from described place). This is obvious that sometimes it is 10 km, sometimes more and sometimes less... Poland is such a assorted, varied and diverse that it is impossible to put it in rigid frames of templates.